3 reasons why you should learn to surf in Winter


You might have just read that video title and thought, "what is she thinking? Why would she suggest that you learn to surf in Winter?!" It is freezing, right? (and fair enough I live on the Gold Coast)

My name is Ali, by the way, from Surf Society. So I have been learning to surf for a while now, since last year. My surf lessons have continued this winter, and while I've been going out surfing I've been thinking about how awesome it is to learn during winter.

You might be wondering why:

The first reason is because there's less people. So not only is there less people in the water - for me I'm scared of running into people or having people run over me, so that's awesome - there's also less people in the classes so you get more personalized attention from teachers. 

The second reason: the ocean is much more glassy which means not as choppy, smaller waves, clean conditions, not as big and scary and dumpy as it can be in summer. So for me again I've had the most incredible surf lessons over the past few weeks because the surf has just been small and glassy and perfect so I'm building up my confidence in these smaller waves and getting better at 
standing up which is great.

Third reason is because you can actually save some cash. There are surf lesson providers who may not have that many people coming to lessons so you could save some money as well. If you don't have a wetsuit it's okay most people who run surf lessons can loan you a wetsuit or I know there are still some good deals available around at the moment on wettys so you can stay warm.

You know, there are mornings where I'm going to my surf lessons and I'm like oh my God it's so cold I don't want to go out there. And then I'm sitting out there on my board in the ocean in the sun 
just going wow I'm so glad I did this.

There you have it: three reasons why you should learn to surf in Winter.

Please don't be one of these people, and so many people say this to me, "oh I've always wanted to learn to surf... oh maybe when I lose some weight/get fitter buy a wetsuit/whatever". You can keep making excuses or you can just get out there and do it like I am and yes I still suck a lot but I'm 
I'm getting out there and doing it and I'm having heaps of fun in winter. 

Note: Ali is currently doing her surf lessons with Australian Surfing Adventures on the Gold Coast. The team at Surf Society highly recommend these guys, we always get great feedback on their lessons.