5 tips for learning to stand up paddleboard (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUPing) looks so graceful and easy, right? (when it's done right 😆)

Whether you're a total noob who wants to look like you know what you're doing or you're not sure of proper technique, here are 5 tips to make your SUP experience more fun and safe:

1. Understand the Tide: This is huge and often overlooked. Before you set out, check the tide and wind direction. Many beginners make the mistake of paddling with the tide and wind, only to struggle on their return.
A pro tip? Start against the tide, so when you’re tired, it'll carry you back. It's all about making your paddle boarding experience enjoyable and less of a workout!

2. Paddle Grip: A common mistake is holding the paddle incorrectly, which can lead to accidents (like a paddle to the face – ouch!). Always keep your hand on top of the paddle, even when kneeling.
3. Paddle Height: To measure the right height, stand the paddle next to you: the ideal length is a "shaka" (hang loose sign) above your head. And remember, the angled part of the paddle should face away from you. It might feel awkward at first, but it's the efficient way to paddle.
4. Perfecting Your Stance: The balance point is key. Every board has a handle which is not just for carrying; it's the board's balance point. Stand here for optimal balance. The only exception? If you have a furry friend or a little one on board, adjust your position to counterbalance their weight.
5. Careful Take-Off: Protect your fins! Don’t start in shallow water where they can dig into the sand. Either begin on your knees and paddle out to deeper water or carry the board out. While the boards, fins and fin boxes are tough, they're not indestructible.
And one last tip: if you fall in, no worries – it happens to everyone! Start on your knees to gain stability and speed, then try standing up again. With practice, you’ll find your balance in no time.
So there you have it, my five essential tips for paddle boarding beginners. Remember, it's all about having fun and enjoying your time on the water.

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