Sime's 4 Favourite Boards to Ride

Ever wondered which boards a surfboard store owner surfs?

This is a question we get asked all the time, so here they are - Sime's 4 favourite boards to ride, and why he loves them (one of them may surprise you):

  1. Tempest Baked Bean Funboard: the skatey board that makes average surf days fun
  2. Tempest Side Piece Funboard: with extra buoyancy at the nose, this board helps him pick up bigger waves with a smaller board that's easier to paddle (and easy on his bad back)
  3. Tempest Arcana 9'3 Longboard: called the magic wave catcher because it helps you get waves so easily - great for 1-3 foot waves that are slow and peeling
  4. Apex 8'0 Softboard: perfect for fun in little waves, a nice buoyant board which makes it easy to paddle and catch waves
Happy surfers make us happy, so if you have any questions about which is the right board for you, get in touch with our friendly team!