Foam Surfboards - Softboards

    Find the Perfect Foam Surfboard to Suit Your Style!

    Whether you're just dipping your toes in the world of surfing or have been riding waves for ages, Surf Society has a foam surfboard that'll suit your needs. Dive into our collection of top selling softboards and grab an awesome deal on a foam surfboard from us.

    New to Surfing? Softboards are the Perfect Board Choice

    Our Apex soft top surfboard range is designed to make your life easier in the water – easy to paddle, catch more waves, and giving you that extra confidence boost as you learn the ropes. So, think more surfing, more fun, and more gnarly waves!

    And there's another reason foam surfboard is a popular choice - if you wipe out it keeps you safe with soft fins and a soft top, and keeps other surfers safe too. Win-win!

    Looking for the right beginner board for the kid who wants to shred? We've got you covered!

    Our soft board comes in a range of sizes to suit all surfers! Check out our 5'7 Apex Soft Board, 6'4 Apex Soft Board, 7'0 Apex Soft Board or 8’0 Apex Softboard.

    Why A Soft Board is the Bomb:

    • For the Beginners: Our foam board is a perfect match - it's the #1 choice for a beginner surfboard! Soft tops are designed to give you the stability you need and get you standing up and surfing sooner, in all kinds of surf conditions.
    • For the Groms: Perfect for kids, foam surfboards keep you steady and save you from those “ouch” moments.
    • Mid-Level Surfers: More experienced surfers love our soft top surfboards for a fun session (in fact, our customers often tell us they love borrowing their kids' Apex Soft Boards!)

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    Sweet Deals on a Foam Board

    Keep an eye out for our killer sale offers to grab a bargain and get yourself out there with the right board to kick off your surfing journey.

    And, why stop at just a board? Get the full surf package and be ready to get in the water – board, leash, fins, cover, and wax - for a steal! We'll ship anywhere in Australia, or swing by our surf shop in Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

    A Bit Overwhelmed? We've Got You!

    Happy surfers make us happy! Our crew is always ready to lend a hand. Any doubts about foam surfboards, learning curves, or what type of board suits you best? Give us a shout. Sharing our surf wisdom is kinda our thing.

    Surf's up, sun's high… it's time to embrace the ocean with a new softboard surfboard. Let the fun begin! Dive in, what are you waiting for?!

    Soft Top Surfboard FAQs

    Q: What is the difference between a surfboard and a foam board?

    A: When it comes to surfboards and foam boards, the big difference is what they're made of. The regular surfboards (often called hard boards) are usually put together using stuff like fibreglass and epoxy, giving them that classic look and feel.

    But then you've got foam boards, which are pretty much what they sound like – they've got a soft foam outside. And this material difference really changes how the boards are constructed, work and how they feel when you're out there in the waves.

    Foam boards are the friendlier option, made for beginners. They're floatier and more stable, and perfect if you're new to surfing or you just want a chill time riding the waves. On the flip side, those regular surfboards are more about speed and doing cool tricks in the water. They're more appealing if you're already a decent surfer and want to show off some moves.

    Our foam surfboards are also super strong, featuring a double stringer construction, so they'll last the test of time for the learners or more experienced surfers in your family.

    Q. What size Foam Surfboard should I get?

    A: Our Apex Blue Soft Boards come in a great range of sizes to suit every beginner or advanced surfers looking for a funboard you can throw around in the surf.

    Check out our suggested sizing guide, or for more personalised advice, chat with our friendly team.

    Q: Do you wax foam boards?

    A: While foam surfboards have a naturally grippy surface, applying a layer of wax can enhance this grip and make them even easier to ride. By waxing your foam board, you're giving yourself extra traction, which is a fancy way of saying you'll find it way easier to stay steady and in control while you're out there riding the waves. However, the type of wax and the frequency of when you apply it can depend on the specific make of your foam board and the water temperature where you're surfing. Our friendly crew are happy to help if you're not sure which wax to use and how to apply out.