Mini Mal Surfboards - Mini Malibu

    Experience Surfing Like Never Before with a Mini Mal Surfboard

    Looking for that perfect balance between the smooth ride of a longboard and the awesome turns you get with a shortboard? You're in the right place. Our collection of mini mal surfboards covers it all - with boards for every skill level - from beginners to seasoned surf enthusiasts. A mini mal is an absolute must-have addition to every surfer's quiver.

    Top Picks: Discover Your Match in our Mini Mal range

    • The Apex Softboard: One of our best sellers for a reason: because it's the perfect choice for beginners starting their surf journey.
    • Tempest Driftwood: Designed to make it easy for you to paddle and catch waves, this board teaches you to flow along the wave.
    • Tempest Soul Train: A stable board featuring a lower rail and pin tail delivering more speed and easy turns (advanced riders love it because you can turn it into a twin fin and make it go like a jet!).

    Why Opt for Mini Mals?

    The Mini Mal, or Mini Malibu, seamlessly merges the advantages of shortboards and longboards. So whether you're just a beginner surfer or more advanced, the mini mal delivers a fun session every time!

    • Versatile: Mini Mals are suitable for all kinds of wave conditions. Whether you're surfing small, mushy waves or head-high rollers, a Mini Mal can handle it all.
    • Stability: The wide design ensures increased stability and balance, which is especially beneficial for beginners wanting to master their stance.
    • Paddle Power: These boards give surfers a ton of paddle power, making it super easy to hop onto those waves.
    • Durability: Crafted mostly from epoxy, which is all about being light yet tough. These boards are built to last.

    Why A Soft Board is the Bomb:

    • For the Beginners: Our foam board is a perfect match - it's the #1 choice for a beginner surfboard! Soft tops are designed to give you the stability you need and get you standing up and surfing sooner, in all kinds of surf conditions.
    • For the Groms: Perfect for kids, foam surfboards keep you steady and save you from those “ouch” moments.
    • Mid-Level Surfers: More experienced surfers love our soft top surfboards for a fun session (in fact, our customers often tell us they love borrowing their kids' Apex Soft Boards!)

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    Mini Mal Surfboard FAQs

    Q: What makes a mini mal surfboard different from a longboard or shortboard?

    A: A mini mal surfboard is the sweet spot between a longboard and a shortboard. It's generally smaller than a longboard, making it easier to manoeuvre and easy to carry. However, it's larger than a shortboard, its volume offering balance and stability, all rolled into one. So, if you're a surfer looking for that next right board for your collection, a mini mal should definitely be on your radar.

    Q: Can I use a mini mal surfboard in any wave conditions?

    A: Yes, a mini mal surfboard is designed to be versatile and can handle a wide range of wave conditions. Its stable design and excellent paddle power make it great for small waves, but they're also built tough, so even when the waves get bigger, these boards can handle it. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced surfer, you'll find that a minimal surfboard can adapt to your surfing needs.

    Q: What size mini mal should I get?

    A: Our Tempest Mini Mals come in a range of sizes to suit every surfer, no matter what level you're at.

    Check out our suggested sizing guide, or for more personalised advice, chat with our friendly team

    Q: What is the connection between a mini mal and a malibu?

    A mini mal is essentially smaller versions of the longboard known as the malibu board, which is how this board got its name - mini malibu. Mini Mal surfboards have the same thick rails that begin to mellow out towards the tail of the board, as well as thinned-out tails.