Tempest Surfboards

    Welcome to Tempest, where every surfboard is a promise of more waves, more fun, and a faster track to your surfing peak.

    Whether you're a newbie or an intermediate surfer looking to up your game, our range of funboards, mini mals, and longboards are the secret ingredient to your next 'best day ever' on the water.

    Our boards are also designed to support injury-prone surfers to get back in the water, giving you that extra moment you need to pop up and carve into the wave's sweet spot.

    When you grab a Tempest board, you're gearing up with a sustainable choice. Crafted with eco-friendly Paulownia timber wraps, our surfboards boast a strength that outmuscles ordinary fibreglass without tipping the scales.

    Get ready to paddle out lighter, ride stronger, and push your limits further than ever before. Tempest isn't just a board; it's your new surf anthem.