Posted by: John Price

Model: Side Piece

"Took my time before I decided to post a review on this board and I am glad I did, as each surf just gets better and better.  The hips in the tail offer heaps of release and allow me to draw clean lines in the crummiest of conditions.  The board goes like the clappers in small surf and my log is now collected cobwebs.  This thing is a beaut!"



Really Nice Log  

Posted by: Sully

Model: The Kingpin

"An awesome board for the price.  Solid board which goes well and the delivery arrived quickly and without a hassle.  Would buy again."




Posted by: Matt.K

Model: Stubby

"Looks just as good in real life as the picture!  This board is everything I could ask for and more.... You lads delivered!"



Great Price 

Posted by: Kate

Model: Adventurer

"The board arrived in just 2 days after I ordered it which was amazing. It's very compact in its carry bag and fits in the boot of my i30 with room to spare and as a small woman, easy to carry and manage. 5 Stars."



Bargain Board 

Posted by: Rick Fuller

Model: Pulse

"The Pulse has performed really well in small to medium surf and for a heavier set bloke has held up incredibly well.  I have owned this board for a little over 6 months and it hasn't even got a scuff mark on it or heel compression yet.  Highly rated for price and performance."




Posted by: Tim

Model: Relic

"I'm pretty happy with this board.  Goes well, seems pretty durable and was a great price.  Only thing is the colour is a little different than pictured but still a really nice looking board.  Cheers Tim"


Travel Cover 

Posted by: Sarah Hughes

Model: Travel Cover

"I purchased this travel cover for a van trip down the coast and it has been a great purchase.  Saved my board more times than I can count when travelling between camp spots or throwing stuff in the back like my groceries.  Great quality and worthy investment"




Posted by: Keith B

Model: Shake'n'Bake

"Fast and floaty and a super forgiving shape this board is magic.  ditch the thruster and throw in quad for increased speed and power through my turns it is now my main go to for the Palmy beachies."



Brings me back to my youth 

Posted by: Jake

Model: Driftwood

"Gone are the days of shortboarding but this midlength has seriously put a grin back on my face.  The board has heaps of paddle power and a loose and lively tail that has me keeping up with the young ones at my local break.  A good paddle and solid performer"




Posted by: Andrew

Model: Pulse

"I bought this board for my wife as she wanted to start paddleboarding and it has been a great addition to our holiday kit. The sup is great in both the flat water and the little river runnies down by the rock wall where you get a nice and soft break sheltered from the wind. We're both been really happy with the board and so are the kids. The whole family has gotten some good use out of it."



5 stars 

Posted by: Jesse

Model: Driftwood

"A full timber board for under $500 is good value and the board looks great.  I am yet to take it out but on arrival, the quality is good, finish is really nice and much better than anything else I have seen out there in this price range"



Very Stable 

Posted by: Katrina Beam

Model: Nirvana

"I've been meaning to review this board for a while now after owning three standups in the past five or so years.  The Nirvana has to be the most stable standup I have owned and a great board for someone who has flat feet and poor balance at the best of times.  I have previously had boards smaller than 10 feet and was concerned it would be too heavy but was surprised to see how easy it was to carry and much lighter than I anticipated."



Performance and a good price 

Posted by: John

Model: Sidepiece 

"I had never heard of Surf Society but saw the ad on Facebook and couldn't help but be curious because of the the price.  The board arrived in just 3 days and managed to get out and give it a run over the weekend and was impressed.  The sidepiece is fast and responsive and easy on the arms when it comes to paddling.  Great board."



Great board  

Posted by: Jason Craig

Model: Kingpin

"The kingpin will have you feeling like a boss!  Really happy with how well this board goes"



Soul Train 

Posted by: Adam

Model: Soul Train

"This is my first ever board and I have been really happy with it.  Owned it for a little over a month and has been a good learner board as it feels stable yet still doesn't feel like I am driving a boat as once I am up its easy to turn.  Am really happy with the purchase and will definitely buy another board once I am ready to progress"



Fun Fish 

Posted by: Sam

Model: Fish Stix

"Been having heaps of fun on this fun little fish as of late.  Ditched the thruster set that was standard and put a good set of twinnies in and the board is super fast and loose and great for those sub-par conditions or blown out days when there isn't much about.  Super stoked on the board.  Got a 5'6" and there's heaps of volume"



So much fun!  

Posted by: Jake

Model: Baked Bean

"After previously owning a baked potato, I was intrigued by this shape as it looked like a copy with a few tweaks so thought it worthy of the investment.  The board is so much fun, paddles like a power boat and takes off on the smallest surf you've ever seen.  On the wave face it is really skatey and provides ample fun in the smaller surf on sub par days.  Well worth it"



Fast and Friendly 

Posted by: John

Model: Bottle Rocket

"Being a heavy bloke, I went one of the larger sizes and damn is this board fast and really user friendly.  I've been out of the water for some time now with a shoulder op and my fitness isn't what it use to be but this board has gotten me back in the water and surfing up a storm"




Posted by: Suzie

Model: Softboard

"Great board for a beginner, I got up on my first wave and it felt great!  The board is very user friendly and a great place to start out"



So much fun!  

Posted by: Link

Model: Side Piece

"The bloke on the phone wasn't wrong, he said I would start using this board more than my Monstabox and I have to admit it's been a weapon in just about everything I throw at it"



5 out of 5 

Posted by: Ellie

Model: Driftwood



Show Stopper 

Posted by: Billie

Model: Pulse

"This board is an absolute showstopper.  Every time I take it to the beach someone has to stop and ask me where I got it as the full timber look is an eye catcher.  I've had to grab another as the wifey has been stealing mine"



Good Value  

Posted by: Clark

Model: Relic

"I don't often write reviews as there hasn't been too many purchases that warrant it but I must say that I am really impressed with the quality of the board so far given the price.  I've given 4 stars as its only 2 months in but I don't see a single compression on the board yet so a good sign so far.  Board performs well and the quality is good.  Can't complain about the value"



The King "Pin" 

Posted by: Zigs

Model: Kingpin

"Was chasing a pintail longboard for a while now and saw a special online.  Board arrived in literally 2 days and I am stoked"





Posted by: Sarah

Model: Driftwood

"Beautiful board with a polished timber finish.  I don't even want to wax it because it looks that good."




Posted by: Joel

Model: Symmetry

"I've taken this board out at The Pass a few times now and been really impressed with how well it handles.  Holds well in the waves face, trims like a king and has been a versatile longboard with equal time spent on the nose or dodging tourists from the tail.  Really happy with my purchase"